Nicolai Foldager

Software engineer with a passion for anything Android, bikes or Formula 1. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark while working as a software developer at an adtech company.

  • Daily transportation?
  • Specialized Allez E5 2016
  • Linux distribution of choice?
  • Ubuntu Gnome 16.04
  • Favorite color of shoes?
  • Red

Machine Learning Smart          

JavaScript, Node.js, Machine Learning, MongoDB, REST APIs, Data Analysis, Linux Web Server, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing

I had the opportunity to collaborate with         during a semester project. By using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Platform we created a prototype that expanded the feature set of their                      . The data extracted from the             a regression algorithm was used to predict                    . The system was built using a Node.js web server, a MongoDB and deployed to a Digital Ocean Linux Server. Unfortunately the project is under an non-disclosure agreement, so this is all I can share.
  • Semester Project, Master's
  • 3 Members
  • Prototype

Education Recommender System

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, REST APIs, Natural Language Processing, Linux Server, Nginx, TLS/SSL, Cloud Computing

A recommender system to aid Danish high-schoolers in choosing the right post-secondary education. It is developed using Node.js with a MongoDB database and deployed to a Digital Ocean Linux server using an Nginx web server. The focus was on natural language understanding, a fast database design and efficient operations to calculate recommendations in real-time. My primary tasks were on algorithm design, server deployment and server security.
  • Semester Project, Master's
  • 4 Members
  • Prototype (Currently being completely rewritten)

Bachelor's Project - First Aid Application

C#, Unity Game Engine, Android, User Experience, User Engagement

Nicolai Foldager bachelors project. An Android application to help users learn first aid.
To study the effect of game elements (achievements, visible progress, etc.) two Android applications were developed using Unity Game Engine. The two applications were identical except that one included game elements while the other didn't. The primary focus was on user experience and data collection for the academic evaluation. The results of the evaluation was published at the Springer conference GOODTECHS 2016, where I presented the article in Venice, November 2016.
  • Bachelor's Project
  • 3 Members
  • Released

Steady Pace - Running Application

Android, Java, GPS, User Location, Data Analysis, Pure Data, pd-core

Running application for Android using Pure Data developed by Nicolai Foldager
A native Android application designed to aid novice runners to avoid injuries by helping them control their pace through an audible feedback. Focus was on efficiently utilizing the GPS in the user’s phone without draining the battery, collecting data and remotely extracting data from test participant's devices.
  • Semester Project, Bachelor's
  • Solo
  • Released

Infra - Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality, Unity Game Engine, C#

Infra - Multiplayer virtual reality game Nicolai Foldager worked on
A three player virtual reality puzzle game, each player controls a colored light with their head movement. The players have to combine the colors of their lights to complete the puzzles and progress in the game. The game was developed in C# in Unity Game Engine.
  • Semester Project, Bachelor's
  • 19 Members
  • Prototype